Let the adventurous journey begin! It's time to put all those "steps" of my personal journey to good use. I am talking about the good, useful, helpful stuff I use to make my life pretty cool...for while I have been in "recovery/healing" mode after a car accident a year ago (neck & back pain suck!), I have been reflecting on my life and how I can use my talents, gifts and passion to do what I love. Well truthfully, I love a lot of things but will be forced to funnel it all down to just the best of the best. Hopefully I can inspire, motivate, encourage and pay forward some cool ideas, tips, tricks and random fun things. I say loving your life is easy when it's simple, organized and fun!!! Sooo then O.K. ~ stay tuned for some great stuff ;)
Well here I go - My first blog!

Who would have thought that when I started my organizing business Fine Organizing Solutions in 2005, that I would be on the ABC family reality show Wife-Swap as the season premier and have 1000's of fans all over the world!!!  I certainly did not ever think that would happen especially since I am a small town girl who grew up in Idaho!  I am so grateful for how my world has transformed and given me a passion for making a difference.  My life's purpose is to be an enhancement to your lives and be there for you while you begin doing what it takes to get your lives organized!!!  Our life enhancing journey begins :)




    Lisa Fine-Muth is passionate about empowering her clients in acquiring a high quality of life in their home and business environments. As a professional organizer, she creates systems and processes that enhance flow and efficiency. She leads her clients to success by discovering what may be missing and in uncovering the actions necessary to produce a positive impact. Her clients value her support, inspiration, motivation and action plans. She is the owner of Fine Organizing Solutions, and is a certified facilitator of Letting Go and Lightening Up, as well as a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.


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